Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Poached Scallops

So it's Glee night, and I'm about to take a shot at making a new dish involving home made mint mayo and chilled lamb.  But in the mean time, here's a little appetizer of super fresh scallops - I'll be back later with Glee dinner food porn...

This one is super simple - the green stuff is snow pea sprouts which you can get in California at any self respecting Asian market for 99 cents for a massive bag.  Here in Manhattan it's more like 5 bucks for a couple ounces!  Still ... so delicious, so worth it...

Anyhow - scallops can be eaten raw, so poaching them seems to satisfy the need to cook your fish if you're so inclined.  And once you have the water boiled, it take like a minute to finish.

For the scallops
Boiling water with salt added

For the snow peas
sesame oil
minced up garlic
soy sauce

Set some water to boil first, this whole dish is a quick one - add salt and let it dissolve.  Turn off the heat and drop the scallops in, being careful not to over crowd the pot - if you have to cook your scallops in batches, just bring the water back to a boil in between.
When the scallops start to take on a slightly opaque look, pull them out of the water (should be around 2 min)  they'll still be raw in the middle. Yum!

Heat the sesame oil in a pan - not too long, sesame oil doesn't have the high temperature tolerance that some other oils do.  Toss in the garlic and keep it moving - letting it start to soften
drop in the snow pea shoots and sauté till the shoots are wilted but still vibrant green.

Serve along side a sliced scallop or two and drizzle the whole dish with a touch of soy sauce.

See?  Easy Peasy...

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