Monday, June 28, 2010

Creamy delicious homemade butter

This is completely unrelated to anything.  I did it out of sheer curiosity - although now that I've tried it, I might be a convert.  Making fresh butter was way the heck easier than I thought ever - took no where near as long as the shake-a-jar method one of my grade school teachers had us do where we shook a cup of cream in a jar for half an hour.

Once again I employed my mini food processor - a tool I used to wonder why I purchased, now known as my mayo maker and now butter maker.  If you have a stand mixer that would work too, you could probably even pull it off with a hand mixer or whisk but that's not the kind of exercise I want thanks...

Home made butter is creamy and sweet and delightfully lighter than store bought.  Plus since I control the ingredients, I can make it unsalted without any coloring or additives.

For the butter;

2 cups of heavy cream (not half and half - real heavy cream)
salt to taste (or not if your doctor is like mine and also says you're going to have a stroke any second now...)

Pour the cream into the processor, blend the cream.  First it will turn into whipped cream, then if you keep going, you'll see it begin to reduce in volume as the milk fats start to stick together.  Eventually, you'll see the butter start to form crumbles and you'll notice a fair amount of liquid begin to gather - this is the BEST buttermilk you'll ever taste, think of it as a little treat for the cook.

Pour the contents from the mixer into a cotton cloth over a sieve and squeeze to compress and form the butter, and strain the butter milk.  You'll want to squeeze out as much of the buttermilk as possible, it'll help the butter stay fresher longer.

This fresh butter would be fantastic with honey mixed in on pancakes, or chives on a potato - garlic and herbs on grainy, seedy dinner rolls.  All manner of yummy!

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