Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mini Frittatas

This is another example of the liberties I take with portions and amounts.  I like the idea of NOT measuring whenever it makes sense.  It's just one less thing to be intimidated by if you're not a trained cook.  Besides cooking should be FUN.  Freestyling is way more fun than measuring.  What's the worst that can happen - you make something you don't want to or can't eat.  Cest la vie - try again.

That said, I needed to find a use for my muffin pan now that I"m off carbs (again). Found it to be the perfect size for mini frittatas! Aside from the eggs all the ingredients are totally optional - get creative!

Oven to 325

One egg for each cup
splash of heavy cream
Mini - heirloom tomatoes
sliced ham (and turkey)
Sliced mushrooms
shredded cheese (I used mozzarella)

whisk eggs with cream (just 2-3 tablespoons)
spray muffin pan with non stick spray (totally optional but helps to not have to pry them out later)
place one slice of ham/turkey into each cup
add spinach or whatever vegetable you like
add the cherry tomato
divide whisked eggs evenly into each cup
top with cheese
bake until cheese starts to brown slightly about 20 min

the results are 6 single servings - super low in carbs and great for WW to since you can measure out and track points!

Alternate ingredients;
Instead of ham, try smoked salmon or turkey or chicken breast
instead of cherry tomato, maybe diced peppers
instead of spinach, try asparagus or zucchini
mozzarella can be replaced with cheddar, goat cheese, asiago etc.

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